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Post Here, Who's Registered at Carlisle?

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Pintoman, 3 of us down here in Carlise Pa. Have registered for the 2006 Pinto show Tuesday Jan 24 .
 we have a 76' v-8 pinto, 71' stock , and a 72' wacked out 4-cly. let me know what you need for us to help with.
 Paul in Pa.

Scott Hamilton:
I have pre-registered & booked a Hotel,

Will arrive Thursday afterrnoon-evening.. checking out on Sunday...

Will leave North Alabama on Wednesday Afternoon hoping to meet up with fellow Pinto Geeks...

Got a hotel room in Mechanicsburg, & all preregistered. leaving on Thursday morning meeting Harley (pintoman) & a few others from Ohio & heading out there. Gonna be cool.. an Ohio Pinto :laugh:

I have pre reg. Me and tha better half will be there. She said you better have her a T-Shirt.ROFL :fastcar:

phils toys:
my wife4e and i are per registered may have the 3 boys as well bringing the 76 bobcat staying at app. trail inn


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