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any body know where we will be parking on the grounds? they told me to park the trailer at the armory and go in gate 6 or 7. any body been there before ?

Sorry PintojoeII I have never been to the Armory.There will be plenty of people who can direct you to where you need to go.I do not know where on the grounds the tent will be set up at,Harley[Pintoman].

dirt track demon:
Anybody who is parking outside the fairgrounds, be warned.  Last year at the  Chevy show, a friend of mine parked his car, and the guy in front of him must have decided it was too hard to get around his car so they hooked a chain up to my friends cars front lower control arm, and drug it out of the way and into somebody's yard, and he wiggled and wobbled all the home with a bent control arm.  Our whole crew was there that day, they're lucky we didnt catch them in the act.   Be careful how and where you park.  See ya there.


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