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Hey Tony.68cyclone and myself are going to get some plaques made up for the event.Also we want to have some event t-shirts made up,but the shirts will be $10 each.This is so we can cover the cost of the shirt.We are not MAKEING any profit from them.So if anyone wants one  I need to know how many they need and what size.As far as I know now,we have about 26 members that will be there.Hope to have many more.And remember to PRE-REGESTER.And Tony i am glad for any help.Harley.

turbo toy:
I want to win a prize,I want to win a prize,but the turbo toy aint shiney---------so I'll race ya for it.Looking forward to meeting you guy's.I have sent Dream Bean an email,and hope to be able to get together with him soon.

I hope you all have a registered ride sticker on your car for this meet. Anyone who does not have one, please see the front page and gets yours.

Not that I'll even have my pinto street legal much less looking good by then, but I have to ask... Carlisle, Where?  What state?  (Just so us newbies will know).


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