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Free-b's at Carlisle Pinto meet June 2-4


Hello Group,
 Just wanted to post the Prize that you have a chance to win at The 2006 Ford Pinto meet in Carlisle Pa.
Just to get you guys in gear...
 Get your Pintos shined up and get ready to make the trip to carlisle so you do not miss out on the Free stuff.
Phill, Scott and Scrach also Havesome goodies.
 I will be giving away Free NOS parts to every member.
 Suggestions are welcome.

Here is the Grand Prize that I am donate-ing to the Pinto Car Club of America.

Shiney or NOT???? Please come to the Pinto meet.
 The group is about the Cars, but the meet is about the people.

See you guys and gals in 3 weeks...
 From Pintony

Hey Tony 'thats great with the free stuff.68cyclon e and myself are bringing some entertainment for the weekend.We are planning some games for every one.Three weeks to make everything shine.

Scott Hamilton:

I have ordered the 2x8 Banner from Frank at Pinto Works, Geoff REALLY out did himself again, it really looks GREAT.

Also, Have some other stuff for you & Tony to give out as you deem necessary, I bring them with me.

Thats great Scott.Looks like we will have a good turnout.See you soon,Pintoman.


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