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Hi everyone,just to let everyone know, i am going to try to make dinner reservations for the group for that Saturday night at a nice location.So what i need from all of you is,are you going to be at Carlisle and how many in your party.Again I am pleading to all of you that intend on attending that you PRE-RESTER for the event.this way they can figure out the classes for our Pintos,and they can get an accurate count on how many will be attending.Here is the web sight you need to go too.It is carsatcarlisle .com.When you get to the sight just follow there directions.It is $35 for pre-regestration and $45 at the gate.It is a great show and we do have a tent reserved to meet under.Hope to see many of you there.Harley[pintoman].

will there be a place to park trailer and unload close to show?

Yes there is trailer parking on the grounds of the show.Your best bet would to get intouch with the Carlisle people,they should be able to let you know where.Hope to see you there.

we all  (pinto folks ) get to park together right?

Yes we all get to park together under one tent.Actually we all can,t fit under the tent but we can park around it.


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