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Scott Hamilton:
Most of us attending the Meet in Pigeon Forge agreed that the All Fords Show in PA would be a good venue for next years meet. We even went so far as to decide we were going to purchase a tent at this event & get a PCCA/ banner made.

What I failed to do was to ASK the pinto community at large to see if this would be a good choice..

Harley, you will need to post some good words here...

Vote, lets get this rolling for next year now,

I have made Paul, crazyhorse & Harley, pintoman, moderators of this board,

count me in, it gives me plenty of time to plan ahead, get passports for the boarder crossing (its coming) and make arrangemeants for transportation ect. Hopefully my motor will hold together this year so i don't have to "thrash" on it next spring! :-[

Maybe we could get a Canadian caravan of Pinto/Bobcats to head to Carlisle together incase there is vehicle problems on the way.... plenty of helping hands to fix unforseen issues.

losin sux:
While it would be good PR my 2 cents would to have it more west than more east than it was this year.  I just think that moving it back and forth from each side of the Mississippi each year would be a thought worth considering.  I know this probably doesn't hold much weight since I did not attend this year.

The carlisle idea sounds great to me.The All Ford Nationals is a well organized and run show.For any one that has been there before can tell you that grounds are huge and clean.That inclueds the rest rooms.They have excelent food you even can have breakfast there.For the parts hunters,there is a huge swap area.Can take a good two days to look through it.They actualy had some Pinto parts there last year.So my vote is for carlisle,and i'll try and get us a tent for the event.

Also the wives and kids have areas set up for them.The wives can get there nails and makeup done for free plus they have craft classes.The kids have an area setup so they can play.


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