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2nd Annual NATIONAL PINTO MEET, 2006 Carlisle Pa

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All right every one,i should be able to get some information from the Carlisle people by the end of October.When i know something I'll let every one know.

If there is anyone interested , there are about 400 pictures of this years CarlisleFord event at www.unitedford .These picks were taken by a fellow club member of the United Ford owners club.Yes there are also picks of the 7 or 8 Pintos that were there. Enjoy the picks and I'll let you all know more about next year when i get some information.

OK boys and girls and every one in between.I've have been intouch with the Carlisle event people.I will be calling them tomorrow about our event.The tent will be a $150 to rent,i will take care of that.If we have 25 or more pre-regester for the event the money will be re-embersed.They will send me more info after tomorrow.This info has hotel and motel information . As soon as i get it to you guys,you should try and make your hotel,motel reservations as early as possible.Pre-regestration ends on May 5th,2006.Just go to Carsatcarlisle .com to pre-register.More later.Harley.

Hi every one.Here is an up-date for motels for the Carlisle event.Price's run from $48 per knight to at least $160 per knight.The average is $90 per knight.To find a motel go to search and type in cheap motels in Carlisle pa.There are about 15 or 20 listed.If you want to stay at a motel 6 call this number-1-800-544-4866.You will not get a room there unless you call that number.Made my reservations there today.You need to make your motel reservations as soon as possible because they do fill up very quickly.Please pre-regester for the show before the first of May.For one it will be cheaper to do so,two this is so we can get a tent for free.If we have more than 25 cars pre-regester the money will reimbursed.Hop e to see every one at the show.Harley.

This is  June the 2nd through the 4th CORRECT!?!? I need to know the exact date so that I can play hookie at work LOL!!


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