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Where to Stay? Hotels,


Scott Hamilton:
The Primary Hotel, Motel 6

For directions, pricing;

Scott Hamilton:
Secondary Hotel, Music INN (Across the street from the Motel 6)

For directions, pricing;

Those are EXCELLENT hotels Scott. The Music Road Inn is a high class place. I had a deal drop in my lap from a "time share" place so I'll be staying where they put me up. I know the area well & I'll be MORE than able to make any "meetings" that people suggest.

Well Group,
 I guess since there are no rooms availible at the motel 6 I'll be staying with Scott H. at the Misic Road inn.
POOLSIDE!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
We made our reservations tonight.
 See you earlybirds on friday. ;D
From Pintony


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