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Pinto Meet, Pigeon Forge Goers--- Check in

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Hey y'all,

 With our first (hopefully annual) Ford Pinto Meet a month away, it's time to check in. If you're pretty sure you'll be coming to Pigeon Forge on May 13-14-15 why don'tcha go ahead & reply. Please be sure to include wether you'll be bringing your "Lil' Horse" or not. This is NOT an official roll call, but rather, just giving us an idea of how big this will be.

I almost GOTTA be there as I'm less than an hour away by Pinto. Yes my "Lil' Horse" will be on parade there in P.F. Though I'll be staying in my own home. Just one of the advantages of being a local LMAO

C'mon, push pull tug or tow that Pinto to P.F. The more we get, the more shocked passersby will be at "Pintos On Parade" (just don't stop short! LMAO)

BTW Mods can I get an AMEN! (or at least a sticky?)

Scott Hamilton:
I'm in,

I will be bringing my 72 Red Wagon & working on a way to bring the 72 Green Runabout as well....

We'll see,

I will be there with my 80 Rallye.I'll be with two of my buddy's,and one will be there with his 78 wagon.

Hello Ford Pinto group.
 I will be there too.
 From Pintony in Illinois
Tring to get the last few parts together to bring my 1972 Purple Custom Pinto.
 If I do not have it ready??? I'll drive my all original Factory Paint Lime Green slow-polk.
From Pintony

we are thinking about coming, if i can get my fatherinlaws truck to tow the redrocket we'll be there!


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