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Me and my freinds are leaving first thing in the morning.Should roll into Pigeon Forge about 3 pm.Can't wait to get there.

Hey Pintoman,
Are you leaving on Thursday????
and getting there on friday???
From Pintony

Howdy guys,

I will be driving from VA across I-40 westbound on Saturday. I plan to stop by and meet up with you all for a few hours. I would like to hear from Scott or anyone who has a cell phone with long distance calling available. My number is 918-408-6976. That is a Sprint number for those who may use Sprint.
I hope it is not asking too much to ask one of you to call me so I can meet up with you. If you roll to voice mail, please leave me a message so I can return a call. I have your itinerary printed and think I will make it in about noonish on Saturday. Hope to meet up with you all.


Well Guys
 It looks like I'm going to make it to P.F. :)
I just installed my NOS Ford carb on my Green Pinto.
 I can't believe I ran that car the way it was...
 It runs like warm butter over popcorn NOW!
Thanks Scott for planting the seed in my mind. Just had to look for a short while, to find the Nos carb. :)
My Green Pinto is still S L O W but ti idles smooth and does not stall everytine you stop.
DAMN, I'm happy.

Subject change....
I'm bringin LOTS of FREE goodies to the meet. I guarantee NO member will go home empty handed.
For those who can't make it? I guess you will just have to hear about it on Monday. ;D
From Pintony



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