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ok from mid to late April Pigeon Forge is FULLY booked with car shows. The earliest spring date I can find is the weekend of May 6-7-8. the week before is a HUGE car show. the calendar is open for the next 2 weeks up through memorial day weekend. I don't really reccomend memorial day weekend however, as the traffic, and room rates, will be just as bad as if there were an event going on.
Let me know if this is a bad week for anyone. I'll give y'all 2weeks to change my mind on the date.

OK for things to do there are NUMEROUS Go kart tracks, The NASCAR Speedpark, There's also, the Cades Cove Scenic drive &, the ever present Great Smoky Mountain National Park. There IS Dollywood amusement park, but it's relatively expensive at $100 for a family of 4 (Imagine a Dolly Parton theme park... what on earth COULD the theme be????a hint.. it DOES have to do with MOUNTAINS HE HE HE)

losin sux:
I would not be able to make it that weekend as I will have Air National Guard duty.   I was actually hoping for something in the second half of March.

IN March the weather may or may not co-operate with us. It may be nice&warm but, it could be cold & snowing!! I went for april to start with, but found way too much goin on in Pigeon Forge. That town isn't too much fun with 25,000 other people driving around. I can relate to National Guard Duty as an ex-US Army Desert Storm Vet. The schedule is still flexible, And if there's a consensus I'm sure we can accomodate you. How's the weekend of May 13-14-15?

losin sux:
That would be better for me, but hate to have you move it just for me.  Let's just see what the majority says.


ALL the details are still up in the air Steve. nobody's going to be put out yet.  I looked for a time frame with the combination of weather &, 2-3 empty weeks in Pigeon Forge. That way we could find a time frame to accommodate everyone

So whatcha think we oughtta do on saturday afternoon? I figured we'd do a brunch type meet& greet on saturday morning. That way everyone can get together & have a sit down to talk Lil' Horses. After that we go into the parking lot to take a looksee at everyone's cars. After the meet& greet we'd go do whatever we can all agree on.

For economy I was thinking the Cades Cove trip to a late picnic style lunch, at the visitor center there. (cost: your gas, maybe $15 for a beastie V8, or $5 for a stock Pinto + your lunch from wherever sounds good to you[personally I'd take a cooler with lunch from a local grocery store]) If we add a tour thru Gatlinburg, you can add a few dollars to the trip for gas (imagine 10-15 Pintos parading thru a ski resort town!!)

Or we could spend the afternoon racing Go-Karts at the nascar Speedpark (cost: roughly $30/adult $15/child)

Then the highest on the cost scale is Dollywood (cost:$42.50 adult 12-59 $32.35 child 4-11 kids under 4 are free)


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