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  The first weekend in May sounds good to me,but i'm pretty flexable about the time.It sounds like we could have  real good time.Let's hope we can have a big turnout.The rear axel should be in the Rallye by then.

that weekend sounds real good to me too. By then the engine in the Mean Green Machine should be changed out.

Sounds Good to me.... Hopefully the Bobcat will be done by then!!!

It also sounds good to me.  Like everyone else i will say "hopefully ___________ will be done by then"  in my case, the blank is about 15,000 things.....but you get the point.  I plan to be there....I may end up having a mustang tagging along with me though.  the car is is going true 2 seater and i have 2 people already fired up to come with.  the only ponys they have are fox body muscrats.  anyway.....cou nt me in.....Dollywo od is not my cup of tea, but everyhitng else sounds good.


THe hotels absolutely will not give me that info this far in advance. However if we've got 15 people or more the speedpark will be exactly $19.95 adult(13-54yrs) $12.95 junior/senior (12yrs or under & 55yrs or older) If we've got 25+ people it's $2 cheaper.THey at least have set pricing ALL YEAR. The hotels on the other hand, want at least 3wks notice, but no more than 3mo (geez they're greedy!!)


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