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"The Burning Truth Behind Jeep & Pinto Gas Tank Fires"

Cars In Context Episode #29

Spin down to about 10:32 to see the specifics

on the Gas Tank issue...

Meet us at Car Shows across the USA... Bring your Pinto!
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The Pinto vs Maverick Group is hosting a garage party grill/out pitch-in picnic!!
Attention all Pinto/Bobcat and Maverick/Comet Fans:
Come join us for one more get together before winter.
Large garage and heat Provided!!
This will be a pitch-in picnic style party inside the heated garage. We will be outside grilling the burgers and dogs. You will provide a dessert or side dish. Bring your own beverages.
We will unveil this year's you tube of the Pinto vs Maverick Geneva Car show with 12 foot screen on garage wall to music.
Bring your Pinto/Bobcat, Maverick/Comet or bring your everyday car. All brands and years welcome. (Fords preferred!)
Don't miss all the fun!!

This Saturday November 5th.
24540 Emmons Rd.
Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

11am- till whenever
email with questions or call Rob (216)408-1906



Thanks to all that made it out to the Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Challenge yesterday in Geneva-on-the-Lake Ohio. The Pinto/Bobcats came out in force and shut down the Maverick/Comets. The weather was beautiful, food was great, cars were amazing and a good time for all. We had cars from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, and even South Dakota!!! (Thanks for bringing that amazing machine Bud). Watch for pics on our Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Challenge Facebook page and a cool video to music coming soon.
Plan ahead and mark your calendars because next year's show will be AUGUST 19TH, 2017.


Come join us again for another Pinto vs Maverick competition car show where we will bring the Pinto Car Club of America and the Maverick Comet Club International car clubs together for a really fun show/event for our third year running!!
(Be sure to view the Youtube from the 2014 and 2015 show:  "2014 Pinto Picnic" and "2015 Pinto Showdown".)  Check out all the cars and all the fun and turn up your speakers to enjoy the vids.

Get ready for an action packed day!! We will meet at the Chops Grille and Taphouse Restaurant parking lot, 1752 S. Broadway Geneva, Ohio 44041 across from the Motel 6 at the State Route 534 exit off I-90 (30 miles east of Cleveland) 10AM sharp.

At 10:30AM we will caravan thru the strip of Geneva-On-The-Lake with police escort. The strip is packed with visitors in this lakeside resort town that never left the 50's and 60's. Last year the visitors stopped everything they were doing to cheer on the Pintos/Bobcats and Mavericks/Comets. It was an amazing spectacle you won't want to miss!! Along the strip watch for vintage arcade games, amusement rides, bars, restaurants, and wineries with the beautiful Lake Erie backdrop.

We show the cars at the Geneva Township Park, 5045 Lake Rd. East SR 531, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio just a 2 minute walk off the strip where the spectators will roam the cars. Once again the park is right on the shores of Lake Erie.

The picnic starts at noon and if the year of your car is even, bring side dish and if odd bring dessert. (Electricity is available). We will provide the burgers, dogs, buns, fixins, etc. (Bring your own beverages). We will have a DJ playing 70's music in the park.

The MCCI will vote their favorite Pinto/Bobcat and the PCCA will vote their favorite Maverick/Comet for some really cool 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies. We will even have long distance awards. Last year we pulled from Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, an...

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23 Jul 2016 - Car Show in Newberg, OREGON 7/31/16

We would love to have more pintos at a local car show... It is a great cause, and 50% of registration goes to one of five charities of your choosing. We would like to meet up with other pinto people before the show and drive in together and park together. We will be meeting at the Sharis restaurant in Newberg, Oregon at 7am.  We will all drive in together and register. There will be an all you can eat breakfast starting at 8am. Car show is from 9am-2pm  Here is the website to learn more about it.... http://newbergoldfashionedfestival.com/index.php?page=car-show-cruise-in

Please comment if you are interested in coming so we know how many will meet up beforehand!

We also have started a NorthWest Ford Pinto Group on Facebook..... https://www.facebook.com/groups/NorthwestFordPinto/


25 May 2016 - how many are going to Carlisle but not stampeding

      just wondering if anyone else is going to carlisle but not stampeding?


21 Feb 2016 - motorama car show Toronto Canada

Just got accepted into the mororama car show up here in Canada. Wish me luck. http://www.motoramashow.com/

09 Feb 2016 - Pinto in Hartford, CT area for Car and Driver magazine story

Hi all,

I'm a writer/editor for Car and Driver magazine. I'll be in Hartford, Connecticut, the week of February 22 for a story, and I'd like to line up a nice, original Pinto to drive for it. Body style doesn't matter. Anybody interested in volunteering their car? If you're wary of letting someone else behind the wheel, I won't need to drive it a great distance.

Jared Gall
Senior Editor
Car and Driver

03 Feb 2016 - The Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Rematch- Sat. August 20th, 2016

The Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Rematch
Saturday August 20th, 2016
Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio

Once again we are rounding up the Pinto Car Club of America (PCCA) with the Maverick Comet Club International (MCCI) for a really fun car show/event. We started a competition last year between the two clubs to see what club could bring in the most cars. The MCCI stampeded the PCCA but the Pintos/Bobcats have called for a rematch!! (Be sure to watch the Youtube "2014 Pinto Picnic" and "2015 Pinto Showdown" for the previous years' events)

Get ready for an action packed day!! We will meet at the Chops Grille and Taphouse Restaurant parking lot, 1752 S. Broadway Geneva, Ohio 44041 across from the Motel 6 at the SR 534 exit off I-90 (30 miles east of Cleveland) at 10am sharp. We will caravan through the strip of Geneva-on-the-Lake with police escort. The club with the most cars will lead the police escort to be determined at 10am.  The strip is packed with visitors in this lakeside resort town that never left the 50's and 60's and last year the visitors stopped everything they were doing to watch and cheer on the Pintos/Bobcats and Mavericks/Comets. It was an amazing spectacle approaching 35 cars in the group!!  Watch for vintage games, arcades, amusement rides, bars, restaurants, and wineries along the strip with beautiful Lake Erie backdrop!!

We show the cars at the Geneva Township Park- 5045 Lake Rd East (SR 531) Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio where we typically get lots of spectators roaming the beautiful cars. The park is a 2 minute walk from the strip with the beautiful backdrop of the Lake Erie Shore.
Here we start the picnic at around noon. If the year of your car is even, bring cold side dish (no electricity) and if the year of your car is odd, bring dessert. Charcoal grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, bun...

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21 Jan 2016 - Any Pinto Clubs near Dallas

are there any pinto clubs/ events near dallas or in oklahoma
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Exploding Pinto MYTH
The Pinto was just as safe as any car made at that time.

Verified 3rd Party Data...         Click Here

What Stock Engine was the best in your opinion?
8 (5%)
48 (35%)
71 (52%)
7 (5%)
Total Members Voted: 132

Best year model for the Pinto?
71-73 Pencil Bumpers with or without the guards
79 (55%)
74-75 Big 'Boned' bumpers
8 (5%)
76-78 Slant nose
27 (18%)
79-80 Square Headlight
20 (13%)
75-78 BOBCAT...
9 (6%)
Total Members Voted: 142

On average DAILY, how many folks give you the thumbs up or other 'Yea Man' with your Pinto?
1 Person a Day-  Rubber Necker...
10 (12%)
2 Folks per Day- Pinto wanna bees
13 (16%)
3 Folks Per Day- 'I had one back in the Day'- Folks
25 (32%)
4 or more Folks per Day- 'Thumbs Up'
28 (35%)
None... :(
2 (2%)
Total Members Voted: 74

What is your favorite Pinto Model?
39 (24%)
39 (24%)
70 (44%)
BobCat- Any Flavor
9 (5%)
Total Members Voted: 145

Of the Pinto owners who visit our site, Do you attend Car shows, Crusis or Local meets?
Yes, and I bring my Pinto
53 (66%)
Yes, but the Pinto stay's at home
9 (11%)
Yes, but only Pinto events with or without my Pinto
2 (2%)
No, infrequently I may go to a few in a couple of years.
15 (18%)
No, Never gone to one, Not intrested.
1 (1%)
Total Members Voted: 77

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