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Today at 11:03:40 AM
Ok, It's snowing and you have a 200 Hp Pinto with rally Blizzak  tires and you have the Big stick handbrake, Pretend you're Norwegian and the speeds are only in the limits of your ego :D


Today at 05:45:44 AM
Truly a Ground Hog Day season! We'll be praying for relief everywhere.


Today at 02:14:41 AM

What's snow?


Today at 02:09:11 AM
I'm trying to imagine it being 68 degrees and dry but unfortunately, it is cold and snowing at the moment. :(


Today at 01:26:52 AM



Yesterday at 12:36:28 PM
Imagine the days are all 68 degrees and dry. Perfect breezes calm your sweaty brow. You have the perfect shop and all the tools you need. Jay Leno's Garage is on the TV, and Tim Allen is coming by for a BBQ later. Then you realize you need that Lotto ticket and wake up! :o


Yesterday at 05:26:32 AM
Thar's a Huffin Horse!


January 15, 2018, 08:59:03 PM

Thumbs up for the
Need to Speed!!
Cool to burn Gas
...but beware - don't
burn your roads behind
it will rear up and bite you
in the butt in the end...

see what happens
click on link:




January 15, 2018, 11:51:16 AM
Thanks for the Gurney pics , Dick...  :)


January 15, 2018, 11:19:01 AM
Like the Motor Trend 500 or the LA Times Grand Prix? Yes I do! RIP indeed! :)


January 15, 2018, 11:06:41 AM
Joe do you remember Gurney at Riverside winning two or three NASCAR races in a row? He was a master driver at the old track at Riverside. RIP!


January 15, 2018, 10:58:03 AM
Good morning Dick, Hope the day goes well. We're lost in the Fog ;)


vintage Pinto script sunshades

Date: 03/05/2017 03:27 pm
Pinto Engines and engine parts
Date: 01/24/2017 12:36 pm
1977 ford pinto cruz wagon
Date: 12/10/2017 03:31 pm
1973 Ford Pinto Station Wagon

Date: 01/13/2018 06:21 pm
ISO instrument panel 80 hatchback
Date: 04/20/2017 08:56 pm
Oil pan front sump style
Date: 01/10/2017 09:19 am
Need Mustang II Manual Transmission Mount
Date: 04/21/2017 02:03 pm
Tire needed p185/80r13
Date: 12/31/2017 09:08 pm
77 pinto cruz. wagon
Date: 06/15/2017 09:18 pm
Need a 1976 runabout instrument cluster replacement
Date: 12/26/2016 04:29 pm
1978 Ford Pinto Sedan

Date: 09/10/2017 02:50 pm
Parting out 77 Bobcat Hatch
Date: 11/06/2017 04:16 pm

Pintos or Bobcats FOR SALE

Listing Title Model YearAsking PriceCity, StateListing Date
1973 Ford Pinto Station Wagon 19733500Moriarty, New Mexico01/13/2018
06:21 pm
72 Pinto Wagon for sale1972$850 oboVader, WA 9859312/31/2017
08:40 pm
03:55 pm
72 Ford Pinto Runabout1972Call for infoOklahoma12/13/2017
05:46 pm
1971 Pinto 5.0L197110k oboGoleta, CA12/02/2017
12:23 am
73 Runabout1973$4000Dunedin11/20/2017
03:19 pm
1973 Ford Pinto Station Wagon 19733900.00Moriarty, New Mexico10/26/2017
10:49 pm
1973 Ford Pinto Station Wagon 19733900.00Moriarty, New Mexico10/26/2017
10:28 pm
1976 Pinto19763500Cleveland NC10/24/2017
02:00 pm
1974 Ford Pinto19741200Los Angeles, Ca10/16/2017
10:45 am
1988 Turbo Coupe for saleNot Know$2900Alamo CA10/15/2017
12:48 pm
1978 Ford Pinto Sedan 1978$1750Deputy, IN09/10/2017
02:50 pm
1977 Pinto Cruising Wagon FOR SALE19774,000South Elgin, Illinois08/20/2017
01:34 pm
1971 Pinto Drag Car1971$13,500Aubrey, Tx07/29/2017
01:17 pm
72 pinto drag car19727500Orlando FL07/08/2017
08:53 pm
Dumping '80 yellow Pinto1980700Omaha06/21/2017
03:45 pm
1980 PINTO for sale1980$4000 OBOSpringdale, Arkansas06/19/2017
02:51 pm
1978 Ford Pinto Sedan 1978$2150Deputy, IN05/13/2017
11:13 am
$300 Pinto for saleNot Know$300.00Spokane, WA04/19/2017
10:24 am
1978 RUNABOUT1978$2450Los Angeles, CA04/01/2017
03:18 pm
1976 Pinto runabout19761800lees Summit MO03/28/2017
08:14 pm
76 pinto sedan sbc/bbc project for sale $1700 obo19761700mounds03/27/2017
10:07 pm
1971 Pinto1971$3750.00NH03/04/2017
11:28 pm
1971 yellow Pinto hatchback with limited edition chrome strips on rear door, 1600 cc engine19711250 - SOLDAustin02/26/2017
03:22 pm
73 Pinto delivery wagon drag car1973$7500, OBOOakford02/22/2017
01:58 pm
1976 pinto for sale19762500The Dalles, OR01/12/2017
02:08 pm
1974 Pinto Wagon1974$2000Spring, Texas01/07/2017
04:03 pm
Great Cruise wagon19777,000salt lake city12/17/2016
03:39 pm
1980 Pinto for sale1980$4900Shreveport,La11/24/2016
06:32 pm
1972 Runabout 351 Cleveland V8197210500Detroit, Michigan11/05/2016
09:03 pm
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