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Today at 07:34:48 AM
2 days before we're "eclipsed", and the Light will dim across the land. As big a deal as Haley's comet and then some :o


Yesterday at 07:07:38 AM
Your only as smart as your last epiphany, but if you can see the Light, your world will never dim ;)


August 17, 2017, 07:18:29 AM
Beat the Hump? Well , it's hammer tyme! :o


August 16, 2017, 11:00:40 AM
I'm thinning out some more of my Pinto stuff, this go around is 3 early small window (1971 style) Hatch. 2 steel and 1 new Fiberglass..


August 16, 2017, 07:06:36 AM
If you have no idea how to proceed, The answer is in the Toolbox, or between your ears! ;)


August 16, 2017, 07:05:29 AM
We just survived a GaGa attack at our new auditorium... But the Traffic jam was epic!


August 15, 2017, 07:22:15 AM
Beat the Hump, Start early, finish fast, Celebrate on Thursday, Party on Friday.. Relax over the weekend ;D


August 13, 2017, 01:50:00 PM
I have over 100 Nascar tee shirts in my shop in NW Arkansas for sale. I could not give them away for free. Could not sell them at $1.00 each.


August 13, 2017, 08:39:57 AM
Pintosopher, you are exactly right. The cost at the track is too much. Good to enjoy once in a while but not on a regular basis.


August 13, 2017, 08:22:27 AM
hance the experience! ;D


August 13, 2017, 08:20:13 AM
Why would any couch potato want to pay too much for tickets, Buy overpriced food, and wait to use the Facilities when nature calls? It's so much more convenient to just order in and fire up the Digital broadband, and you can pause to use the Bathroom in your own house. Smellovision coming soon to en


August 13, 2017, 07:33:52 AM
I think the cruddy racing at the Brickyard and the novelty of racing there has worn off more than NASCAR being in trouble. Not saying it's not, just saying it's not a good race to see in person at that facility


Date: 01/11/2017 10:45 am
1973 Ford Pinto, Shift linkage for a/t and cross member
Date: 02/25/2017 08:45 pm
72 pinto drag car

Date: 06/22/2017 07:19 am
Pinto for sale

Date: 04/19/2017 10:15 am
74 Pinto Rear Side Lights

Date: 02/18/2017 05:47 pm
1971 Pinto instrument cluster clear bezel WTB
Date: 03/16/2017 10:00 pm
1971 yellow Pinto hatchback with limited edition chrome strips on rear door, 1600 cc engine

Date: 02/26/2017 03:22 pm
KYB shocks

Date: 02/08/2017 07:09 pm
77 pinto cruz. wagon
Date: 06/15/2017 09:18 pm
Rally spoiler wanted
Date: 05/04/2017 01:32 pm
Air Deflector

Date: 07/06/2017 02:46 pm
Want seals for Pinto wagon "flip out" windows
Date: 08/08/2017 01:44 pm

Pintos or Bobcats FOR SALE

Listing Title Model YearAsking PriceCity, StateListing Date
1973 Ford Pinto for sale19734500.00Lompoc California08/09/2017
10:33 pm
1971 Pinto Drag Car1971$13,500Aubrey, Tx07/29/2017
01:17 pm
72 pinto drag car19727500Orlando FL07/08/2017
08:53 pm
Dumping '80 yellow Pinto1980700Omaha06/21/2017
03:45 pm
1980 PINTO for sale1980$4000 OBOSpringdale, Arkansas06/19/2017
02:51 pm
1972 pinto squire wagon19729500.00 obolebanon,ohio06/18/2017
07:54 pm
1978 Ford Pinto Sedan 1978$2500Deputy, IN05/13/2017
11:13 am
$300 Pinto for saleNot Know$300.00Spokane, WA04/19/2017
10:24 am
1978 RUNABOUT1978$2450Los Angeles, CA04/01/2017
03:18 pm
1976 Pinto runabout19761800lees Summit MO03/28/2017
08:14 pm
76 pinto sedan sbc/bbc project for sale $1700 obo19761700mounds03/27/2017
10:07 pm
1971 Pinto1971$3750.00NH03/04/2017
11:28 pm
1971 yellow Pinto hatchback with limited edition chrome strips on rear door, 1600 cc engine19711250 - SOLDAustin02/26/2017
03:22 pm
73 Pinto delivery wagon drag car1973$7500, OBOOakford02/22/2017
01:58 pm
Pair of Pinto wagon bodies1979$800Salem Al02/20/2017
11:15 am
1976 pinto for sale19762500The Dalles, OR01/12/2017
02:08 pm
1974 Pinto Wagon1974$2000Spring, Texas01/07/2017
04:03 pm
Great Cruise wagon19777,000salt lake city12/17/2016
03:39 pm
1980 Pinto for sale1980$4900Shreveport,La11/24/2016
06:32 pm
1972 Runabout 351 Cleveland V8197210500Detroit, Michigan11/05/2016
09:03 pm
pinto for sale19743000 ?sylmar ca.09/11/2016
09:47 pm
74 pinto19742500sylmar09/11/2016
06:32 pm
1975 Ford Pinto For Sale1975$3500California08/10/2016
12:56 am
1976 (non hatchback) pinto (90% complete project)1976flexible if not insultingSan Antonio, TX07/10/2016
10:17 am
1980 Pinto-Shay for sale19808,000.Cypress, CA07/07/2016
01:21 pm
72 pinto 19723000sacramento,ca06/23/2016
12:40 pm
Custom Pinto Project1977$1200Cadillac, MI06/12/2016
07:37 pm
72 pinto and 88 turbo coupe19727000sacramento,ca06/09/2016
04:13 am
1973 Pangra1973$12,500 oboSan Diego, Ca01/06/2015
02:19 pm
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