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Today at 12:33:04 PM
Getting the Lead out can be the best thing for your whole life. It's those magnetic things that weigh you down ;)


Yesterday at 02:23:21 PM
Get a 100lb moose dog.


Yesterday at 02:20:16 PM
No Dogs, just 20 lb Bar cat ;)


Yesterday at 02:10:50 PM
Isn't that the dogs job?


Yesterday at 12:19:22 PM
There's no priority higher than cleaning the litter box :o


March 30, 2015, 04:03:57 PM
new SEMA SAN Bulletin for CA Drivers, A  $200 Bribe to exempt yourself from Smog Check, if you meet the criteria :o


March 30, 2015, 02:02:41 PM
Udder slapping is practiced in Dairies, but has been heard in pastures everywhere 8)


March 29, 2015, 03:41:15 PM
Up With Bar Cat at 1am then up to watch F1 in Malaysia, then off to shoppin, then bed for 2 hours, then Indycar Race at Fla. I'm bushed ???


March 28, 2015, 09:06:35 AM
He said udder slapping... Mmm... Yeah... But, what is the sound of one udder slapping???


March 27, 2015, 01:53:57 PM
Mmm, nitrite free uncured Chicken Dogs with Tillammok Cheddar, and some Turkey bacon topper. Organic Corn chips to finish it off :P


March 27, 2015, 01:43:45 PM
Hmm , indeed! The sound of other Udders slapping the ground might break up the kinetic flow ;)


March 27, 2015, 11:57:16 AM
Hmm... I wonder if there is a record for lining up sleeping cows like dominoes, and tipping them... Hmm.

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Meet us at Car Shows across the USA... Bring your Pinto!
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15 Mar 2015 - 2015 Pinto Stampede!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines it is time for the 2015 Stampede!
This year's events will be planned and organized by long time Stampeders Dave Kawa and Jim Madison. 
To join in please contact Jim Madison at bulletstopguns@yahoo.com he is the coordinator for the attendees.
Theme :  " Opposites Attract "
This year we will cruise the scenic back roads of Kentucky, starting in Elizabethtown Ky on July 29th and ending in Springfield Illinois on Friday, July 31st
at the Powerlite Supercruise.
Hello all, Online registration for Fabulous Fords Forever is now open! http://www.fabulousfordsforever.com/Click on the Registration Hyperlink to register online. [/size]Don't delay.  More Pintos at the show means fewer Mustangs.You do

22 Feb 2015 - Carlisle 2015

We are planing on attending this year.any one else going?
The Concours d'LeMons is back for 2015 with even more goofy, aweful, fun shows. Three shows in the US and one in England. We'd love to have a good showing of Pinto's at all of them. Here is the Schedule:


06 Feb 2015 - spring fever car show

hi to everone / springtime in ca. in acouple months and the start of a lot of early car cruising and shows.sorry easy coast guys and girls I know you have too much snow to be thinking car shows.I have a ton of car shows coming in April . the first one spring fever car show being held in keyes ca.10.00 donation with bbg-raffles with -music-games for kids-tropies and vendors.its a local show located in Central valley area of ca.pm me with any questions.  thanks chris

The Ohio Get Together Picnic
« on: Today at 06:26:30 AM »
  • Spring is here!!! So let's start thinking about Pinto Gatherings
    We are presenting this year's The Ohio Get Together event:

    The Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Challenge 2015......Saturday August 22nd, Geneva-on-the-Lake, OHIO
    Pintos and Bobcats and Mavericks and Comets, Oh My!

    At last year's P
Well the holidays are over and the Buckeyes are the National Champs..... so let's start thinking about summer and car season!!
We are presenting this year's The Ohio Get Together event:

The Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Challenge 2015......August 22nd, Geneva-on-the-Lake, OHIO
Pintos and Bobcats and Mavericks and Comets, Oh My!

At last year's Pinto Picnic Pitch-In 2014, we invited the Maverick Comet Club International (MCCI) as our invited guests. On the day of the show we developed a "friendly" competition at whi
I'm a bit late posting this, but we hope people can still make it..
 The Pintobarn Christmas get together is this upcoming Saturday December 20th in Costa Mesa CA at 1 PM......it's for all Pinto owners, fans, and enthusiasts... ... Hope you can join us!!!  Any questions call or text Steve at 949-529-4640...
This is an impromptu get together since the normal Pinto Christmas Party in Azuza wasn't happening this year... Gas up your Pinto and get ready!!

The PCCA Pinto Registry is open for everyone to list their cars with VIN, Specifics and other information that is searchable. Ownership of the registry entry can be transferred to a new owner if sold creating a type of 'history' for our rides.

Please post your Pintos and Bobcats and help us know what additional fields or information need to be included.

Look for the 'Registry' at the top of the page and click 'add item' or click the link below.

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Exploding Pinto is a Myth...
Pinto was just as safe as any car made at that time.

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